Working Together

Working with me it is 100% risk free for you.  When someone you love struggles in the chaos of addiction we use a fast and easy method so you feel instant relief from despair, disappointment, pain and trauma without psychotherapy or prescription drugs.

Results are 100% guaranteed! My unique, reliable, repeatable, and revolutionary method sets you free of heartbreak, pain and trauma so you begin living on your terms.  If you want 100% of your money back, simply send me an email within the first 14 days of starting any Life Mastery Plan.

How Do You Begin Working With Cathy?

Your first step is to enjoy free, on-demand help. Next, you get a no-obligation, private and profound NEUROCARDIO Shift so you get relief from pain and trauma when someone you love struggles with addiction

Can Working With Cathy Help You?

As a professional coach, I help you find and stay on your path. I elevate my clients emotionally so they live on their terms. My clients get relief from pain and trauma so they steadily move toward their desires and aspirations

What Commitment Do You Need?

You start with a commitment to living your life at its highest potential so you are full of passion and joy in the life you desire. Then, together we’ll determine the length of time you need to reach your Life Mastery goals

Women Discover This Profound Method On-Demand
  • Get Life Mastery so you live your true nature and purpose
  • Your relationships become more loving and fulfilling
  • Gain wealth so you have a steady, abundant flow of money
  • Enjoy Life Mastery so you gain more health and vitality

You Deserve The Best - Life Mastery Plans

Life Mastery - 3 Months

With Life Mastery Method you can enjoy a 3 month plan with all the benefits of the annual plan.  You get live  group coaching calls each week. You remove obstacles to reach your goals and develop new empowering beliefs so you change your life.

Best Value - 12 Months

Enjoy 12 months of powerful group coaching. Our group members get a membership site, plus  group coaching calls every week. Train your brain with meditations and affirmations to use repeatable, reliable, and proven life-changing secrets so you live on your terms.

Private Coaching - 6 Sessions

The plans include the ultimate in private coaching. In 6 private sessions we develop intensely focused actions that breakthrough barriers to the abundance and growth you deserve. Both 3 month and 12 month plans include 6 customized sessions so you live a life you love easier and faster!

Women Discover This Profound Method On-Demand
  • Get Life Mastery so you live your true nature and purpose
  • Your relationships become more loving and fulfilling
  • Gain wealth so you have a steady, abundant flow of money
  • Enjoy Life Mastery so you gain more health and vitality

Enjoy Life Mastery - Whatever Your Age or Stage of Life

CLARIFY - Find Your Life Purpose

Do you wonder where your life is going? Your goals may be a bit disorganized and hazy. You want help to clarify and develop what you love into a clear goal. Together, we learn about and deepen your interests You discover what key motivations drive you. We create the best ideas for your life. We build an action plan for a life full of purpose and passion that you really love.

TRANSFORM - Change Your Life

Do you already know where you want to go? You may already have a “to do” list. But, there’s a gap between knowing and doing. You don’t want to be lectured or pressured. You just want help freeing up your ability to change. At any age the Life Mastery Method develops your creativity and self-love. Your joy-filled changes pull you upward into a new life you really love.

GROWTH - Live A Life You Love

Do obstacles have you stuck? Have you’ve done great work? Are you intensely focused on the way you want things to become? But, it doesn’t seem to be paying off fast enough. In Life Mastery Method you gently bond Heart-Brain Coherence. Together we help you ignite desire, shift beliefs, and focus your action to expand easier and faster so your life grows filled with even more joy and passion!

Life Mastery - 4 Focus Areas

Life Mastery Method

Expand beyond imagination! Learn to act on your intuition so you attain your highest aspirations. Realize a vision that is worthy of your time and energy. With our Life Mastery Method you ignite newfound internal power. Experience forgiveness and leap into action with Heart-Brain Coherence so that you reach your deepest desires. Measure daily actions so you see true growth. Live in gratitude so your life is a magnet for abundance in our “Life Mastery” program.

Solution Includes: action plans, worksheets, and Life Mastery Solutions

3 Month or 12 Month Plan With Live Group Coaching Calls Each Week


Build amazing relationships in all areas of your life! Elevate your relationships to their highest level. Enjoy strong personal and business relationships so you transcend any problem. Get NEUROCARDIO Shift so that problems turn into opportunities for more fulfilling relationships. Know forgiveness so you live in a loving support system every day. Live in gratitude so your life is a magnet for even better partnerships. Get tools so you “Live Your Dream Relationships.”

Solution Includes: action plans, worksheets, and Relationship Tools

Fully Customized Private Relationship Coaching Sessions

Career & Wealth

Find a new position or an entirely new career. Get paid to do what you love. Ignite financial possibilities with your passion so you live on your terms! The 6 Secrets reveal who you are on a deeper more powerful level than you can imagine. Your strengths help us create the road map so you know which steps to take and when to take them. Breakthrough fear, doubt, and worry so you gain confidence and courage to move forward and “Live Your Dream Career.”

Solution Includes: action plans, worksheets, and The 6 Secrets

Fully Customized Private Career Coaching Sessions


Enjoy this customized focus on personal and professional growth for your unique life. In ultimate private coaching, we meet for an hour each week. It’s the fastest and most flexible way to reach your goals. We use Neurocardio Shift to break through barriers so you enjoy unending health. Transform the important relationship with your health so you move forward. We unleash your unlimited potential to empower your goals for a healthy life-style.

Solution Includes: custom action plans and Life-Transformation Tools

Fully Customized Private Health and Wellness Coaching Sessions