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I have walked in your shoes as part of multiple families with many addicts who I love… my maternal and paternal grandparents, both parents, ex-husband’s family, my sons, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews and even my grandchildren! Some of my loved ones have died because of uncontrolled addiction. I do not have any superpowers and yet today I live a fulfilled life of joy, peace and harmony regardless of what is going on around me!

In my life I have achieved many successes including an engineering degree from the University of Miami. I worked with industry giants like Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, and Samsung. I have closed sales as large as $250M and was a major contributor to a mobile phone team responsible for $1.2B in sales. I’ve been privileged to work with technology that transforms our world. I have loved using marketing, sales, and technology to drive profitability and growth in business for over 20 years.

Taking a break from sales and marketing in the tech sector, I began to travel. Paris, London, Athens, Santorini, Rome, Venice, Positano, Amalfi … Mexico, the Caribbean … port cities of South America. On my journeys, I came to love collecting inspiring works of art for our home. I learned how travel and art bring a sense of accomplishment and sophistication to our lives.

Now I’m passionate about creating this success for my clients. Today I am privileged to be a graduate as a Robbins-Madanes trained coach. I combine many life coaching certifications to help women in pain seeing their loved ones struggle with addiction to gain clarity, confidence, and courage so they  get results that exceed their expectations. I love to use my inspired coaching skills so that people become capable of more than they can ever imagine. I help clients build strong relationships. My days are full of exciting transformations for phenomenal clients just like you who find purpose and meaning with Life Mastery Method.

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Get Instant Relief From Trauma With Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach Cathy

Hello, My name is Cathy Kegley and I am happy that you are here with me.

I have been where you are. I want to take your hand and guide you step-by-step to get instant relief the from the trauma, pain, fear, despair, and hopelessness you feel when someone you love struggles with addiction so you can start living a new exciting, joyful and abundant life. Get on demand free training to discover the steps to take right now so you rise above lies and chaos an addict inflicts on your life!

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When women love an addict, I love to help them rise above the circumstances of their lives so they enjoy loving relationships faster and easier than anyone can imagine. I’ve used NEUROCARDIO Shift to help many women do what I have accomplished in my own life. I’d love to help you, too. This free on-demand program is the way I give back to our world!

Live a Life You Love,