Get Beyond Pain and Trauma When Someone You Love Struggles With Addiction

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I am thinking of you this morning. My gratitude to you. I feel so free from chaos and trauma today after your words of guidance last night.    – Nadine Valentino


I can’t tell you how different I feel about myself today. I always knew what was holding me back but never knew how to let it go. After a Neurocardio Shift I let it go. It’s an amazing feeling. I took huge leap and took over as the department manager. Wages and benefits are amazing!     – Tammy Marley

I believe Cathy is amazing! I followed her advice and doors opened. I got the interview. I am super excited!     – Brenda Herrera


In trauma I was suffering with actual physical back pain. About halfway through this on demand training, I noticed my pain was less. By the end of the Neurocardio Shift, I was free of my back pain! I took the right steps to make sure the next day was a very comfortable day for me!    – Darlene Loebel

Your Host: Cathy Kegley, CEO & Founder NEUROCARDIO Shift

I have walked in your shoes as part of families with many addicts who I love. Today I am passionate about helping women who just like me want to end pain and trauma of seeing a loved one struggle with addiction. I am privileged to be a Robbins-Madanes graduate trained extensively by today’s coaching gurus. I help phenomenal women just like you gain clarity, confidence, and courage so you can enjoy fast, easy, and lasting transformation in an exciting new life.